Friday, September 16, 2016

I've moved all of my new designs to the following sites: 

Over the past 20 years I must have had over a dozen blogs: all purpose blogs, exhibition blogs and blogs to feature my work and new collections.

But it's about time there was some "editing" done. no?

One of the oldest and most labor intensive of my blogs is "Typepad".  I've been there about 20 years. Originally this "ye'olde" web host was called, "VOX". 

Well, VOX was purchased by Typepad and I was generously grandfathered in, as I was one of their original bloggers.  I think everything I've ever done has appeared on this Typepad site- from my new collections to all of my museum exhibitions. Even some of my rantings about how 'copycat' Steampunk artists are beginning to ruin the genre is there.  

Well...Thanks for reading and please visit me on my main page,

Friday, May 25, 2012

The "Ravi Palace" Steampunk Pendant Device

 The "Ravi Palace" by Art Donovan.

Shape trumps ornament in this evolutionary Steampunk design.  

Jewel-like points of illumination. 7 ft. tall x 2 ft. wide. 
A unique departure from traditional Steampunk design work.   

Rather than employing the typical, ornate layers of Steampunk brass, rivets and brown wood details, the Ravi Palace features a dramatic, graphic silhouette in matte jet black with illuminated, rotating "planets" in the crown. The overall design is rendered in what I term,  "Electro Futuristic" design.  It is powered by a device I modeled after an antique Geiger Counter.  Made of mahogany, brass, steel, spun filament fiberglass, glass, polycarbonate and dichroic material. Incandescent, CFL and U.V. bulbs.  *Note- Large Jpegs here. All images are sharper after you click on them.

Click Here for a short video of the Crown Unit.


 Above: A unique, hand made Steampunk wall lamp.  I built them from mahogany, glass and brass.  The top lamp is entitled "The 221B Gas Flame Lantern" and has a gas flame electric bulb which simulates an actual moving flame.   A short video of the moving flame bulb can be viewed here.

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Wall Lamp-

New for 2012.
By Art Donovan.

Wall Lamp in subdued red and yellow ochre. Persian influences with a bit of "Steampunk" in it's technical-looking details.  It features a hand-carved, layered body in solid maple and solid brass. The lampshade has both an antique pattern print and a polycarbonate diffuser with bronze mesh overlays.  The top image is hand painted in gouache and gold leaf.  (The original image is a from a 19th century Iranian painting of a groom with two horses). The Tassel is brass and maple. Designed and hand made by Art Donovan.

For sales information, Contact: Leslie Donovan at LTDonovan(at)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Most Excellent Rumi Redux"

by Art Donovan.

On the heels of curating the most highly attended exhibition of the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University, artist and designer, Art Donovan, continues to infuse his lighting collection with evocative antique and ancient elements.

Mr. Donovan’s newest design, "Rumi Redux" uses influences from the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. The imagery (and Arabic calligraphy) is inspired by the famous 12th century Persian scientist, al Jazari.

The crown art is entirely hand painted in gouache and gold leaf with translucent dyes used for the back-lit elements:

The back-lit, glowing “All Seeing Eye” is inspired by an 18th century painting found in an old English masonic lodge. 

The flaming comet is accurately hand painted and taken from the 16th century German, "Wunderzeigenbuch" (The Book of Miracles). This book was the worlds' first secular compilation of scientific occurrences in the natural world which were not ascribed as religious mysteries.

The Persian elephant is painted in goauche and inspired by an early illuminated Hindu text.

The crescent moon is a 2" thick, frosted convex lens which is then back-lit and rear painted in deep red to evoke earth shine.

The solid mahogany base is painted in pale matte gray with hand made brass and silk tassels.

The two electric candles oscillate in a most realistic recreation of an actual moving candle flame.

Designed and hand made by Art Donovan, Southampton NY

Email ltdonovan(at)

New for 2012
"The Donovan Harp" Table Lamp

Influenced by the 19th century harp-styled oil lamps. Elements of Art Nouveau and Craftsman styling but gently updated. Mahogany and Oak with brass details. Brass and black dimmer switch on the ebony stained oak base. Nesting glass domes. Designed and hand made by Art Donovan

Persian Inspired Wall Lamp
Red and yellow ocher.  Brass, bronze mesh with gold leaf details. Designed and hand made by Art Donovan. Somewhat Steampunk in it's antique, technical details. The image on the crown is hand painted in gouache ( it's from a 19th century Persian painting on exhibit at the Met.) New for 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Above: New for 2012; "Petite Cosmo" Maple. Poplar. Brass. Stainless Steel. Glass. Custom clockwork. The base of the unit has a moon phase clockwork. Hand Painted Moons in eight phases plus a 12 hour clock with hand made hands. The views here illustrate different lamp head designs that may be ordered. Designed and Hand Made by Art Donovan.

Above: The Geometric Deco Table Lamp, 1991.
Our original and iconic to our collection.

Featured in The Whitney Museum, NYC and The Art Institute of Chicago. The hand painted cubist pattern glows like a textural stained glass. 23" tall x 14" wide. Antique Metallic Fringe. Ebonized and stained solid maple. Designed and hand made by Art Donovan. Contact: donovandesign(at)

You can also read a wonderful article about my designs in enLIGHTenment magazine by Linda Longo here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New clocks, designed and hand made by Art Donovan. (1) Solid Maple Deco Clock. 20" diameter. (2) 'Steampunk Industrial Rust Clock- 31" diameter. (3) Steampunk Desk Clock. 10" diameter. (4) Industrial Clock. 31" diameter. Yes, the hands are also hand made. Available through

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Sun+Moon" table lamp. Also available as a floor lamp
Designed and built by Art Donovan.
Email: donovandesign(at)

Monday, May 02, 2011

LinkThe definitive art book on the Steampunk genre. "The Art of Steampunk" by exhibition curator/author Art Donovan features eighteen of the most renown Steampunk artists and designers along with authors G.D. Falksen, S.C. Grey and an introduction by Oxford Museum Director, Dr. Jim Bennett.
Read the latest reviews here.
Purchase online from Amazon here.

Visit "The Art of Steampunk"!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Petite Cosmo"

Serving as either a Pendant Lamp -or- with a swagged cord to be used as a Wall Lamp. 8" wide x 8" deep x 12" tall x any desired height. It has a beautiful weathered patina on solid brass and may accommodate any kind of Edison-base bulb. Shown here with a small spotlight bulb.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The "Sun King".

Our newest wall lamp in brass with a hand made resin lens in front. Designed and hand crafted by Art Donovan. ADA compliant with t 4" projection. 12" in diameter and done in a very limited edition.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Sage Marine Cabin Lamp # 2. Solid Mahogany, Silicon Bronze, Stainless Steel- All with heavy chrome plating. Yes- uses both incandescent and LED bulbs. Designed and handmade by Art Donovan. See our new collection here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Donovan Design has a new lighting division...
Sage Marine- Premium Marine Grade Lamps.

This wall lamp is Sage Marine #3 Cabin Lamp.

To see our marine lamps, visit our other site here

Sunday, October 24, 2010

" Fear is Huge"

My most recent painting as seen in Ashawagh Hall Gallery in East Hampton. The theme of this 50 artist exhibition was "Fear". Rather than pursue the obvious themes such as fear of global warming, fear of terrorism, etc. I wanted to create a more personal, vulnerable piece:

"The greatest fear that all artists share is the fear of having their entire life's work end up in obscurity and eventual ruination -or worse yet, show up at a yard sale! This work shows a deeply fractured surface, as if the painting were carelessly left outdoors to eventually rot with the help of nature."

Title: "Fear is Huge"
Materials: acrylic paint, bronze pigment, wood, crows.
Size: 60" x 84"

For Sales Inquiries and Pricing use the Comments Section at the bottom of this post.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our new site, "Number 1 of 1" features our collection of one-of a-kind designs such as our new "La Luna" Wall Torchiere. Click the box for the link.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Jack Tar" This new wall lamp features really, Really old barn wood in a totally unfinished manner. The glowing alabaster dome is set off by antique brass details. 12" x 12" x 6" deep. Designed, hand made, signed and dated by Art Donovan

Our new "Down's Path" wall torchiere boasts pure rectilinear geometry. Three rectangular lamp shades in stark white spun filament glow from the left, center and right of the solid mahogany lamp body. Entirely hand made and uses a single bulb for efficiency. 29" tall x 9" wide x 4.25" deep. Designed, hand made, signed and dated by Art Donovan.

The Spire 2 Wall Lamp is an updated version of our popular Spire series. Here, the post ( instead of satin nickel) is hand shaped poplar shown in a muted white with a brass finish piece at the top. Topped with ourhand made, proprietary "Moire" polycarbonate lampshade. Bronze taping and antique brass hand stitching completes the design. The height is 34" and the lampshade is 12" wide x 6" deep. Designed, signed and dated by Art Donovan.

After being immersed in the art and design of "Steampunk" for the past three years, it was inevitable that the styling would show up in my lighting design. Pictured here is the Oxford Station Wall Lamp. This is a Severely Limited Edition in hand blown glass and solid brass. The Top and Center images are acid-washed oak and the bottom version is rich, satin mahogany. Signed and dated. Click here to see the Official Blog of our Steampunk Art Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science, the University of Oxford, UK.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Industrial Table Lamp otherwise known as the 'Steampunk Table Lamp' ( along with my Steampunk clock design). Designed and hand made of solid brass in a weathered finish. Signed and Dated.