Friday, September 16, 2016

I've moved all of my new designs to the following sites: 

Over the past 20 years I must have had over a dozen blogs: all purpose blogs, exhibition blogs and blogs to feature my work and new collections.

But it's about time there was some "editing" done. no?

One of the oldest and most labor intensive of my blogs is "Typepad".  I've been there about 20 years. Originally this "ye'olde" web host was called, "VOX". 

Well, VOX was purchased by Typepad and I was generously grandfathered in, as I was one of their original bloggers.  I think everything I've ever done has appeared on this Typepad site- from my new collections to all of my museum exhibitions. Even some of my rantings about how 'copycat' Steampunk artists are beginning to ruin the genre is there.  

Well...Thanks for reading and please visit me on my main page,

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