Sunday, October 24, 2010

" Fear is Huge"

My most recent painting as seen in Ashawagh Hall Gallery in East Hampton. The theme of this 50 artist exhibition was "Fear". Rather than pursue the obvious themes such as fear of global warming, fear of terrorism, etc. I wanted to create a more personal, vulnerable piece:

"The greatest fear that all artists share is the fear of having their entire life's work end up in obscurity and eventual ruination -or worse yet, show up at a yard sale! This work shows a deeply fractured surface, as if the painting were carelessly left outdoors to eventually rot with the help of nature."

Title: "Fear is Huge"
Materials: acrylic paint, bronze pigment, wood, crows.
Size: 60" x 84"

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Traci said...

Love your work! I didn't know you also paint!