Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steampunk Lamp. "Mr. Peanutski". One of a kind, black and gold on solid brass. 13" tall and with a personality that begat it's charming, albeit unlikely, name. The globe of the antique bulb contains a hand- satined tubular bulb with an antique bronze cord. Signed and Dated.
Steampunk Clock. Appealing to the horological inclinations, this unique clock is entirely hand-made weathered brass and features a magnifying lens on the face supported by two, movable brass arms. Signed + dated by Art Donovan.

Steampunk Spectral Clock.  A unique blend of futuristic  science with a completed hand crafted appeal.  Twin LED lamps illuminate both the clock surface and antenna device on the left.  Design and handmade by Art Donovan 2008

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