Wednesday, November 14, 2007

KATONAH STABLES PENDANT LAMP. Solid mahogany, "Starfire" tempered glass, solid steel plated in satin nickel. Three, tapered pyramid shades (hand painted here in rich amber) with four corner downlights. All lamps operate independently with dimmers. Enormously flexible lighting for dining locations and dramatic in it's details and materials. Shown here 30'"long x 24" wide but may be specified in any desired size.

The design, size, finishes and light configurations may also be custom specified

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JonDecker said...

I was looking through these older lamps and remembered a lamp in a PC game called "Thief". In the game one enters an underground city left abandoned in a volcanic cave. The buildings, built by an ancient society, had light blue, pyramidal lamps in the center of each room's ceiling. The lamps would automatically turn on (soft fade in over two seconds) when one entered the room and automatically fade off when one exited.
I've always thought the execution of this idea would make for a great, real-world, energy-saving concept; besides "Thief" was the original steampunk stylized game.

Come to think of it, "Thief" (1 & 2) had a lot of really cool lamps strewn throughout its various buildings.
You could probably find someone to take ingame screen shots for examples.