Friday, May 04, 2007

This design represents a new catagory that we call Table Pendant Lamps. This is the "Air+Stream" Table Pendant. It stands 40" tall and the lampshade height is fully adjustable by a well balanced pin at the top of the post. Entirely Hand Made of Polished Steel and Cedar with a full range dimmer switch on the base. About the dimmer: Yes- it's a turtle (a polished silver casting). Turtles are lucky. Very lucky. I know, it's 2007 and we're still ascribing magical powers to inanimate objects. Defys all rationality, No? Well, I said that I'd describe it- not explain it. Perhaps turtles can't actually create good luck but I'm damn sure that they can sway coincidences in your favor. See the "Air+Stream" at the Hamptons Antique Galleries (This piece is Signed and Dated in a very limited edition.)


Anonymous said...

Is this a 50's design or is it new?
I really love it!!!

Art Donovan said...

Thank you so much! It's new. I made it last week and posted it right away.