Thursday, May 18, 2006

Antique Barn Wood Table Tops with Brilliant Gold Veining.

Heavily Weathered Barnwood table tops, very deeply grooved with flashes of Brilliant Gold Veining- So natural as to look as if the veins of gold were actually trapped inside the wood as it grew.

The combination of completely opposite but complementary materials and textures makes this surface like no other. The table tops are ordered by the square foot in any desired size and may be mounted on stone or ceramic planters, cast iron bases or wood legs. This then gives you the option of the height, length and width of the table, so that it works perfectly in any area or application. The table tops are 1.5" thick with a simple antique wood frame on all sides.


Anonymous said...

I see that you only have a close up photo of the wood. Are the tbles in slat form and if so, how big? Is the wood sealed at all? Thanx,

Art Donovan said...

The table Tops are slats- 12" wide x 96" deep.

So to make a table top 3' wide x 8' long, it would use three, full planks. Also, the wood is NOT sealed in any way. A sealer, no mater what you use, would kill the beauty of the natural surface. Future Stains, spills and scratches add to the aesthetic. Art

Sara said...

I love this. There's an artisan in Texas who does something similar with mesquite (a great wood for "character" and lots of holes and gaps) and crushed turquoise.

Art Donovan said...

Thank you so much, Sara.
It's great fun to conbine odd, different textures into a single piece.