Thursday, April 27, 2006

CUBANO Pendant Lamp. Hung as a swag lamp and works beautifully in any location.
Solid maple in matte 'java finish'. Bronzed details with a decorative, perforated bronze screen, pure white diffuser on the bottom and an antique bronze woven fabric cord. May be specified in any diameter.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what diameters the "Cubano" can be rendered in?
Also, can it be used for commercial contract installations?

Art Donovan said...

The Cubano Pendant Lamp shown here is 20" in diameter. It can be created up to a 48" diameter and can hang by either an antique woven cord (as shown), metal rod or chain.

Also the metal mesh, wood finish & lampshade may be done in any desired color or finish. (We specialize in duplicating any color or finish to match.)

Thanks for your question. Regards, Art

Art Donovan said...

P.S. Yes. All of our designs are the highest quality commercial grade- both in construction and materials. We also work very hard to insure that the installations of our designs are as easy and straight-forward as possible.

After working for so very long with architects, designers and master electricians, we make sure that our lamps can be installed with the minimum of effort and look beautiful, rock solid and plumb when installed.

It seems like a small point, but I have seen many great lamp designs (by other companies) ruined by poor installation due to confusing or poorly thought out instructions from the manufactorer. Regards, Art