Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Black Fire Opal" Pendant Lamp

Swirling, kinetic spectral colors that we believe are the closest visual duplication to the light of an actual gemstone, the black fire opal.

The effect is achieved by layering three different 'state of the art' materials- assembled in a very unique manner. As you move around the lamp, the spectrum of colors in the surface actually shift & undulate in three dimensions. The "Fire Opal" effect must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Available in any size or shape!


Anonymous said...

The Opal Pendant is beautiful! Can you tell me what it looks like when it is unilluminated (off)?

Also, what is the material? Is it offered in different colors? Thanks. Anne Cataldo, McKenzie Assoc, Chicago, Il.

Art Donovan said...

The outer material is a black moire polycarbonate with a slight irridescent hue. The colors only appear when the lamp is illuminated.
It is also available with a white moire outer shade and the colors appearmuch brighter whrn the lamp is on. We prefer the black moire, though. Regards, Art

Anonymous said...

Can this pendant be made larger?

Art Donovan said...

Yes, the largest diameter of the shade can be up to 48" and the height can be up to 24". It can hang at any desired height.